Vision / Mission / Values

“To develop and provide social, cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities, and make the Club a second home for the Club members as well as for their family members.”


1. To undertake CSR (corporate social responsibility) programmes to alleviate the sufferings of the physically and economically underprivileged people especially for the graduates of Jahangirnagar University and their dependents/family members.

2. To undertake programmes for the children of the club members those who are in special need of assistance in health care, education, etc on turn to increase social awareness in light of the spirit of our liberation war.

3. To undertake other programmes/projects that may contribute to the overall development of the country that leads to the well-being of mankind.

4. Promote on national history and cultural heritage (through publications, organizing cultural events etc)

5. Promote graduates who have extra-ordinary skills/capacity/potentials nationally and internationally.

1. Integrity
2. Mutual Respect
3. Solidarity
4. Free from any partisan politics , religious , ethnic , gender bias.