Application Procedure

General Instructions/Information for Membership Application (JUGC)

  1. All graduates of Jahangirnagar University are eligible to apply for membership.
  2. The ENTRY FEE is Tk 200.00 (two hundred) only for all types of membership.
  3. Fees for Live Membership is Tk. 5,000,00 (Taka five thousand) until changed by the authority.
  4. Fees for General Membership (1 year) is Tk. 500.00 (five hundred) until changed by authority.
  5. Monthly Fees for Life Member is Tk. 500.00 (five hundred) untill changed by the authority.
  6. Monthly Fees for General Members is Tk. 300.00 (three hundred) until changed by the authority,
  7. Life Membership Fees for JU Teachers (JU Graduates) is Tk. 5,200 (including Entry Fees). No monthly fee is applicable for JU Teachers.
  8. Along with this Application Form, please attach copy of your Graduation (Hons.) Certificate, a Copy of your National ID Card and 02 copies of recent PP size photograph
  9. Any JU graduate but at least 3/5 years after completion of graduation, can apply for membership.
  10. Any graduate who was not rusticated from JU (even after graduation, i.e. during master degree study and was not re-insteaded studentship by JU administration or by court) will not be illegible to apply.